Welcome to THE BUNKER

With change comes opportunity!

By Rachael Tibbs | October 29, 2020

We are therefore excited to announce that DynamicGolf are now based at THE BUNKER, a purpose built fitness facility located in Scarcroft, Leeds. Our new location will allow us to bring golf fitness to the doorstep of many golfers in the North Leeds area, a hotbed for some of the region’s top courses.

At THE BUNKER our ultimate goal is to help golfers enjoy the game more – through better play, more consistency and the ability to play pain/injury free. 

As well as continuing to offer one-to-one Personal Training sessions and online programme support, we are now offering the opportunity to train in our brand new fitness centre where golfers will have access to all the equipment and facilities needed to achieve their goals.

How Fit for Golf are you???

Your experience at THE BUNKER will start with an initial TPI golf specific fitness assessment. This is where we analyse your movement, stability and strength relative to your golf swing, game and goals. 

Once we determine which specific areas you need to work on and your golf fitness handicap; we can get to work on shaping you into a fitter, stronger and more robust golfer. Placing you in a better physical position to achieve your golfing potential.

What specific areas can we help you with?

DynamicGolf has had over 6 years experience working with golfers of varying ages and abilities, with the majority of work involved in:

  • Helping to reduce injury and provide a long term solution to preventing common injuries such as lower back pain.
  • Improving the way golfers move and subsequently how they swing the golf club, essentially for more efficiency and consistency.
  • Increasing/maintaining distance; through the increasing of clubhead speed and helping the golfer to use their body better in the swing.
  • Improving the general heath, fitness and wellbeing of golfers; so that they continue to enjoy the game for as long as possible.

As soon as you sign up to one of our membership packages you will have access to…..

  • Regular one to one personal training sessions with our TPI Certified Golf Fitness Coach
  • Online progressive programming
  • Weekly online Zoom classes
  • Members access to THE BUNKER for additional self-led training sessions.

As well as the personal support, THE BUNKER has been fitted with the latest gym and fitness equipment needed to help you transform your most valuable piece of golfing equipment – your body! 

With the current government recommendations, safety guidelines are in place to ensure that our fitness facility is Covid secure, meaning that you can train in a clean and safe environment with user limits and processes in place to ensure that safe distancing can be adhered to.

In a time where health and wellness are imperative what better way to look after yourself than by using your golf as a motivator. By visiting us at THE BUNKER you can not only improve your game but also your overall health and wellbeing.

For more information or to find out ‘how fit for golf you are’ click here.