Top 5 Benefits of Winter Training on Golf Performance

By Rachael Tibbs | October 6, 2023

As the season draws to a close, it’s important to consider how we can capitalize on the winter months and hit the golf course better, stronger and faster next year.

There are many benefits to training your body to move better, swing faster and perform stronger. Here’s a run down of what benefits you can expect to see with a winter strength and conditioning programme.

Injury Prevention

Struggle with aches, pains and niggles that golf exacerbates? Strength training helps to build a more robust body that can cope with the forces applied during the golf swing. Strengthening of the muscles can help with joint stability; trunk strength can reduce lower back pain and improved movement can lead to less compensations made by the body.


As many golfers take to the game later on in life, the body is also starting to weaken and unfortunately degenerate. This can mean we start to pick up injuries, fatigue during the round and take days to recover from a round. Training the body to be more resilient will allow the body to perform and recover better, meaning you can practice harder, enjoy your golf for longer and continue to play at your best for years to come.

Greater Distance

Stronger muscles and joints can create more speed and power. Allowing you to swing the club faster whilst maintaining control and stability. Greater distance with every shot allows you to hit less club into greens, and with less club comes greater accuracy. This allows you a greater chance of converting those putts first time. Less putts = less shots. So an easy way to reduce your handicap there.

Technical Changes

The way that we swing the club comes down to a number of factors; coordination, technical knowledge, ability and the way that your body moves. If you have any physical limitations and reduction in movement and stability; this will affect the way you swing the club. If you are working on technical changes with your swing coach but hitting a brick wall because you can’t achieve the position they want, it may be time to think about improving the efficiency of the body.

Strength and mobility training can improve coordination, movement and range, stability and strength to allow your body to get into more athletic positions for a more efficient and consistent golf swing.


The reason why most of us play golf is solely for enjoyment. There is nothing better than golf than when you are playing well. Even when you’re not having the best round, that one great shot on the last will ensure that you come back for more.

But when your golf is horribly off, it can leave you miserable and deflated. As golfers we want to be the best that we can be, and by being physically fitter this can allow us to swing more efficiently, hit the ball further, score lower and prevent injury. So you are more likely to play better, for longer and enjoy the sport. 

Start your winter training now with this online 12 Week Beginner Off Season Strength Programme.

A 3 day, gym based programme and perfect introduction to strength training for golfers of all ages and ability.

This 12 week progressive plan is aimed at the newcomer to strength or the golfer returning to training after substantial time off. It aims to develop endurance and fundamentals of strength before moving onto more advanced training methods.

All exercises are aimed at strengthening the whole body, helping the golfer to hit the ball further, avoid injury and swing the club more effectively.

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