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Improve your movement, strength and fitness and become the golfer that you know you can be.

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DynamicGolf have been helping the golfers of Leeds and surrounding areas improve their movement, strength and fitness for the last eight years.

Our golfers have improved their performance on the golf course by focusing on specific areas of mobility, flexibility, strength and power in their programmes.

As a TPI Certified Level 2 professional I use the TPI Body Swing Connection assessment to highlight any specific areas of movement that may be limiting your golf swing.

It’s important to us that you achieve your goals. That’s why we offer you additional support OUTSIDE of the gym with ​online programmes, schedules and daily plans to keep you on track with your workouts.

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Programmes are tailored to the individual and their specific goals, assessment outcomes, training experience and lifestyle.

Whether you are a regular in the gym looking for a more specific and structured plan or just looking for exercises to do in your own front room; the programme will be specific to your needs and amenities.

Coaching sessions aim to develop and improve technique, ensuring that you are adequately progressing and achieving the desired training effects without injury.

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Here’s what some of our golfers have to say about how our training has helped their game.

I started working with Rachael last year when I came to the conclusion that to get to scratch at 56 I was going to have to put some effort in the gym as well as the golf course. After the initial screening which highlighted many opportunities (ha) Rachael started me on a programme that initially I thought was going to be easy however she was quite challenging on performing the exercises correctly and always looked to push me beyond my (big) comfort zone. Very diligent in reassessing and updating the programmes alongside asking for feedback from my golf coach and looking at my swing made this even more meaningful for me and undoubtedly contributed to me achieving my handicap target and picking up a few trophies this year. A great person to work with and I would highly recommend Rachael to anyone who really wants to improve their golf

Ian, 56, Scratch (Yorkshire Seniors Champion 2020)

Since working with DynamicGolf I’ve seen my performance and attitude to specific fitness go through the roof.

To see results from our work as quick as we did was fantastic.

Chris Hanson, European Tour Pro

I’ve been working with DynamicGolf for the past 15 months and I’ve seen incredible improvements in my game.

My clubhead speed is only getting faster, resulting in me getting much better distance with all my clubs.

My posture and swing feel much more stable during shots which gives me greater confidence in my swing and more consistent golf shots.

Gary, 10 Handicap

The progress that I have been able to make this year with my golf game has been beyond my wildest expectations.

My ability to remain  stable and balanced and to get through my swing consistently is purely down to the work I have done with you.

This year I have brought my handicap down from 17 to 13.

Robert, 13 Handicap

If you are ready to make a significant commitment to improving, Rachael will provide the expertise, enthusiasm and discipline to help you. Rachael has the quality that all good coaches have, patience. There are no quick fixes and having someone like Rachael to create your programme of training is invaluable to ensure you make steady sustainable progress which will last

John, 46, 4 Handicap

I have been working with Rachael now for almost two years and I have seen huge improvements in my golf, having never done any golf specific fitness before. I have increased my club head speed from 103mph to 111mph which in turn has led to an improvement in my stroke average from 73.97 to 71.65. There have been many other factors to this improvement but strength and flexibility have been a huge part.

Mike, 38, +2 Handicap

The sessions at DynamicGolf have ticked all the boxes. I’ve both seen and felt stronger, more flexible and experienced less injuries. On top of that the sessions are great fun.

Saul, 21, 2 Handicap

I’m relatively new to golf and wanted to work on my strength alongside my technique to help improve my golf.  I’ve been training with Rachael for around 9 months now and have seen massive changes in my strength and golf with a reduced handicap.  I get a specific training programme tailored to areas and movements I need to work on and get held accountable via the training app used. Rachael’s knowledge and skill in this area is priceless along with being a pleasure to train with.  I highly recommend Rachael… brilliant trainer!

Rachel, 28, 33 Handicap
Great training sessions and programmes that are really relatable to the golf swing and golf movements and which have helped me to improve my game
John, 50, 22 handicap