Injury Prevention Exercises For Golfers – Stay On The Course All Season!

By Rachael Tibbs | July 3, 2023

The leading injury amongst amateur golfers is of the lumbar spine, this is due to the huge amount of force placed upon the spine during each golf swing. It can be up to 500 times a golfer’s body weight with every full golf shot. 

During the season many golfers are hitting hundreds upon hundreds of balls per week, in both practice and play. For the less proficient golfer this can be even more due to their level of ability, there is also the reduced technical ability and less efficient swing mechanics (in comparison to elite / professional players) which means that more stress can be placed on the spine than other areas of the body.

For that reason we have to be smart with our physical training during the golf season, to not only keep you moving well; but also to protect the spine from the compressive forces and torque. I appreciate that this can tail off during the season as you find less time to gym to allow for more time to play, and rightly so. However, aiming to complete at least 30-45 mins of strength training, 2 times per week can help you to counteract the impacts of golf on the body and keep you injury free for the season.

Therefore, allowing you to enjoy, compete and play your best golf for the duration of the season.

I would suggest focusing on exercises that maintain/improve mobility through the thoracic spine and hips, these are the areas that we need to rotate in the golf swing. Without adequate mobility here, we are at risk of compensating which usually means placing pressure on the lumbar spine.

In addition to this, focusing on core stability can allow you to protect the lumbar spine from the compressive forces applied during the golf swing. The core should act as a strong cylinder which also acts as a stable base to transfer energy and force into the golf club. A strong core can contribute to increased clubhead speed and greater shot distances.

Also, engaging in full body strength exercises can keep the whole body robust and resilient to the effects of golf on the body, reducing the risk of most injuries. So maintaining a level of strength throughout the season can keep you fit and injury free throughout the golf season.

Check out my video below which demonstrates a couple of exercises that you can work through to help reduce the chances of injury. Working on mobilising the right areas, strengthening the core for better stability and strengthening the body; all to make the body more efficient and robust. You can easily add these into your current exercise routine, use as part of a pre-round workout or individually when needed.

If you are looking for a full easy to follow programme that works on all the aspects mentioned above; mobility, core stability and strength. Check out my brand new 12 week in-season injury prevention programme.

It’s delivered remotely via our online app, and consists of just 2 x 40 minute workouts that you can easily fit into your busy week. The plan is suited to those new or returning to exercise; as well as those currently training but with more emphasis on core stability and movement.

The programme is broken down into 3 phases with each phase progressively increasing in complexity to ensure that it is suitable to beginners but allows you to become more dynamic with your ability to maintain core stability and transfer into your golf swing.

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