Strengthen your shoulders for greater clubhead speed

By Rachael Tibbs | February 17, 2021

Shoulder stability is important in golf performance for a number of reasons including allowing golfers to hit the ball further. A research study has found that 20% of total clubhead speed is in fact generated by the shoulder.

The shoulder is the most mobile joint in the body due to its inherent nature, this is great for a variety of movement but not so great for instability and injury. In many cases where shoulder movement is restricted (overhead or in rotation) it is due to the lack of stability in the joint.

The shoulder blades (scapular) are extremely important in shoulder health and a restriction in their movement can cause lots of issues.

Often due to postural issues (forward head position, flat back, excessively rounded back) and muscular imbalances; we see restricted movement of the scapula which can make it difficult to get optimum arm and shoulder movements.

Good scapular control allows a golfer to ….

  • Adequately rotate in backswing.
  • Increase the stretch shortening ability of the muscles in the trail shoulder for more elastic power.
  • Increase clubhead speed.
  • Control the clubhead through impact.
  • The ability to do all of the above with reduced injury to the shoulder.

Having the ability to control the scapular and maintain good connection with the ribcage is vital to getting into a good backswing position.
In addition all the energy that we create in the lower body due to ground forces, has to migrate into the trail shoulder to then allow the golfer to apply the force to the club.

If you do struggle with shoulder stability and movement, there are certain exercises that you can work on to improve this. Check out my recent YouTube video below which has a number of exercises that you can easily perform at home with only a band.

If you would like a more specific programme aimed at improving shoulder mobility to improve your game and performance, then why not arrange a FREE 30 minute consultation. We can discuss what specifically you are looking for and how we can help your game with a remote or face to face training programme.