Stability exercises for injury-free swings

By Rachael Tibbs | December 8, 2020

Developing and improving stability is key to reducing the risk of injury on golfers and allowing the golfer to enjoy the game for longer.

In order to hit the ball as far as possible there needs to be a powerful acceleration in the downswing, but with acceleration comes a need to decelerate.

This is where many golfers are then prone to injury, usually due to the inability to decelerate the body and club safely and effectively without leading to common injuries in the lower back, shoulders and neck.

A golfer wants to stay in balance and posture through their finish, not only to allow for more consistency and better strike, but also to minimise the stress on the muscles and tissues of the body.

Otherwise the repetition of this over many rounds and practice swings can have a detrimental effect on breaking the body down.

It is therefore really important that golfers develop their stability and ability to control these forces through the golf swing to not only reduce injury risk but also to increase clubhead speed and distance.

The faster you decelerate = the faster you can accelerate

These physical adaptations can be improved upon by following a progressive exercise programme whereby you focus on three primary goals.

1. Resistance of rotational force in an isometric position – eg. pallof press.

2. Resistance to force in one part of the body, whilst another area of the body is moving – eg. anti-rotational lunges.


3. Decelerate force eccentrically – eg. lateral bounds to stick.

A big difference seen amongst the best athletes in many sports, not just golf; is that the faster they can absorb force, the more speed the body will be able to generate.

So where do you start?

It’s always difficult to know, so if you want to work on your stability for injury free swings and increased distance, check out our brand new 16-week online programme.

The benefits to this programme include:

  • No entry level of fitness required
  • Builds you up week by week
  • Start from less challenging exercises
  • Progresses to more demanding exercises as your body adapts
  • Ideal time to start as a run up to the 2021 golf season
  • Minimal but some equipment needed so you can perform at home or in the gym

Where to get the gear

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