Maximise your glutes, maximise your golf performance

By Rachael Tibbs | March 17, 2021

The glutes (maximus) are the largest muscle in the body and are extremely powerful in the golf swing!

Sitting down on them for long periods can cause them to be inactive and underused, thus resulting in them weakening. This is not great news for the golf swing as they are a powerful hip extensor (along with the hamstrings) so are crucial for sports and athletic movement and performance.

Stronger glutes aid in golf performance as they:

Help to stabilise the hips and pelvis

Pelvic and hip stability is important in the golf swing as it helps to reduce lateral or excessive lower body movement, particularly in the backswing.

As the upper body and shoulders rotate into the backswing, the pelvis should stay stable to allow internal rotation into the hip. This allows the golfer to create coil and elasticity in the backswing, which can be used to generate speed to the club in the downswing.

Stability is also key for posting into the lead leg on the downswing as the upper body continues to rotate through impact and beyond.

Maintain posture through the swing

Being able to hinge at the hips and maintain this position as you rotate around it through the swing, is linked to glute strength.

Maintaining posture allows the golfer the space needed to be able to use the legs to generate power and be consistent in striking the ball.

Generate power through extension in the downswing

The ground is a major power source for the speed produced in the golf swing and this has to come from the legs initially. Having the ability to transfer this force from the ground relies on a big push into it from the legs.

The force then comes back through the legs and results in a powerful extension of the hips (from the glutes), which is subsequently transferred into the trunk and golf club.

So if you feel you have spent far too much time sat down over the last few months AND you want to maximise your golf performance. Check out this 10 minute glute workout that you can do at home!

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