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By Rachael Tibbs | January 25, 2021

Now more than ever we need to ensure that we are looking after ourselves and prioritising our physical health and mental wellbeing.

The benefits to exercise are immense and in my opinion the best medicine there is. Exercise comes in all shapes and forms, so I am not typically just talking about strength training or high intensity exercises. Just moving our bodies often and consistently is enough for many to feel the benefits.

For many, golf may generally be your only form of exercise and the activity that you engage in not only for enjoyment but also to stay active and healthy. With current restrictions meaning we are unable to currently play golf, it is vital that people continue to remain active through other means such as regular walks.

For others, they may exercise to improve their performance in a particular sport, such as golf. With the closure of gyms, this again proves a challenge to maintain and remain consistent with. As per my recent social media posts and last weeks blog – there are ways that you can overcome this with minimal equipment at home.

Exercise comes in many shapes and forms and there are different physical benefits to each form, depending on what you aim to achieve. If for now you just want to remain active then the best form of exercise is the one that you most enjoy and are going to do regularly and consistently.

The benefits are far reaching and no matter what exercise you choose; there will be some crossover into your performance on the golf course.

So kill not just 2 but 3 birds and make sure you are improving/maintaining your physical health, look after and support your mental health and in the meantime improve your golf game!

To help golfers stay active and healthy during this time, we are going to be running 2 online 30 minute classes every week via Facebook and Instagram.

These classes are completely FREE of charge and starting Wednesday 27th January, will go live every Wednesday morning at 8am and Friday morning at 9am.

These classes will aim to maintain and improve movement, trunk stability and strength. Key physical attributes that improve golf performance, but that will also improve overall physical and mental wellbeing.

There will be no special equipment required, just you, somewhere to elevate your feet (a chair or sofa) and a golf club!

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