Increase your driver distance with this 10 minute pre-round workout

By Rachael Tibbs | August 25, 2021

For many the thought of working out before a round of golf sounds counterproductive. Will it leave me tired, sore and stiff and make it difficult for me to play good golf?

As always ‘it depends’ on what you do, but research suggests that engaging in jump training before hitting your driver can increase clubhead speed by an average of 2.2%. This can produce an increase of 2-3 mph clubhead speed, which can yield an increase of over 9 yards in carry distance. This for golfers can mean the difference between hitting one club less than usual in their second shots.

Hitting less club on approach shots statistically results in more accuracy into greens, increased accuracy can leave shorter putts and consequently more chance of holing putts. Thus we see an improvement in scoring throughout the round and enhanced performance.

It is therefore beneficial to incorporate some form of jump training into your pre-round warm up and prep, as well as your general exercise programme and workouts.

For a number of reasons I like to encourage golfers to perform a short but explosive workout as close to their tee time as possible.

Here’s 2 examples of a short, 2 exercise workout that you can perform at home or in the gym, before you head off to the course.

The benefits of this type of session are:

  • It takes minimal time to complete, up to 15 minutes maximum

  • It is physiologically less demanding so that you conserve energy for 18 holes of golf

  • It stimulates the nervous system which can prepare your body for the fast/explosive nature of the golf swing

  • The jump exercises replicate the speed of the movement and interaction of the legs with the ground through the golf swing

In addition to pre-round explosive workouts there is lots of research to suggest that a prolonged period of physical training, incorporating both strength and plyometrics enhances clubhead speed and carry distance.

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