Does your movement limit your swing?

Are you struggling to get into the correct positions to get more from your game?

Do you suffer from aches and pains during or after a round?

Full movement of the t-spine, hips and shoulders is key to an efficient swing and can reduce injury caused by poor movement and compensations.

Our 8 week online mobility programme is great for golfers of ALL ages and abilities, that are looking to move better, feel better and improve their golf game.

At DynamicGolf we believe that good movement is fundamental to golf performance, health and longevity.

Our 8 week online course will help you to improve movement through the 3 big areas:

Thoracic spine – to improve the ability to turn into your backswing without losing posture.

Shoulders – to position the club in the correct angles and transfer speed to the golf club.

Hips – to limit lateral sways and slides in the golf swing, allow you to maintain posture and reduce stress placed on your lower back.


  • 4 x weekly workouts that can be performed at home with minimal equipment (band & foam roller).
  • Exercise progressions that take you from static to dynamic to ensure that movement can be transferred to your golf swing
  • Short and easy to follow videos of all exercises, to ensure that you perform them correctly with good technique.
  • No previous training or exercise experience required.
  • All provided via our own DynamicGolf app.