Reduce the risk of injury or niggles during the golf season with this 12 week online programme.

Delivered via our very own app, work through two different workouts per week lasting only 40 minutes each session. This allows you to focus on the correct exercises to help prevent injuries and stress on the lower back, so you can spend the rest of the time practicing and playing the game that you love.

Work through three phases with weekly progressions in intensity and/or volume, with each new phase introducing new exercises that build on the previous phase.

The aim of this programme is to …

1. Improve mobility of specific areas that are important for an efficient golf swing
2. Begin to develop core stability to protect your spine from the compressive forces placed upon it during the golf swing.
3. Develop overall strength to make your body more robust to the physical pressures placed on it during competition and practice.

Don’t let those niggles put a halt on your season. Sign up today to get started and keep your body strong and resilient to allow you to keep playing the game you love this season.

Online programme includes:

  • 2 separate sessions per week, each session only 40 minutes.
  • Goes live first Monday after purchase – can start prior to that.

Price: £99